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Out of Stock - OOS :(

With regrets but we have made it better...not perfect


We advertise many vendors for the same product. The price and availability you see is not realtime. Here is why...
We are one among 75,000 possible dealers who are constantly placing orders with the same small number of distributors.
We do stock some inventory, but that inventory is only available to local customers and we do not advertise that stock on our online store.
When you place an order, some of those orders must be manually placed while others are place automatically depending upon the warehouse we advertised.
We attempt to notify you as soon as possible when this happens.
If you see the product for sale and in stock at a higher price that is because our system automatically shifts our product to the next lowest price vendor.

To get the most current price and stock availability just click on this button. It takes a few seconds depending upon how many members are making the same request but it will be faster than texting, chatting or writing an email.