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Shipping and Delivery

There are different workflows for different guns.

Drop Shipped Guns

We take your order online. One of our distributors will ship your items directly to you or your local FFL
This is the most direct and takes the least time to ship your gun.

Do Not Drop Ship Guns

Some manufactures require that all of their guns be first shipped to the dealers store first. This is fine if the customer is local but for other online customers this DNDS policy adds shipping costs and shipping times to our members order.
The list of manufactures following this policy are growing as they are trying to protect the profits of their stocking dealers.

The clock starts with your order.

  • We first check current stock for your order.
  • Verified in-stock orders are passed electronically to the distributor that was used for the listing.
  • Orders that are out of stock are cancelled with email notification to the customer. See OOS below
  • Credit Card orders are processed immediately by the warehouse.
  • ePay Orders are put on HOLD until payment has been received. Stock is reserved for a maximum time of 3 days. It is important to submit your ePayment within that 3 days. Orders that are Awaiting Payment longer than 3 days may be cancelled without notice.
OOS - Out of Stock
Even though we might show your item as being in stock at the time of your order, it is possible that your order cannot be fulfilled.
There are dozens of dealers who are placing orders and there is a delay between the time you place your order and when your order is accepted by the wholesaler.
This does not happen often but during high volume buying sessions, someone is likely to be disappointed.
10dgc does not stock any firearms so any order we accept is subject to being OOS.