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Armalite was founded in 1954. It is one of the first rifle producers in the USA. Armalite is also known of its first rifle AR-1 model. There are other well known models such as AR-10, AR-18, semi-automatic AR-180.

The M-15 is introduced as direct competition with Colt’s trademarked AR-15. Mr. Mark Westrom purchases Armalite from Eagle Arms where he continued to produce the Eagle Arms EA-15 rifle. Product focus turned toward high-grade target rifles. Shortly thereafter, a design for a .308-caliber AR-10 type rifle was initiated and designated the M-10. Westrom purchased all rights to the Armalite trademark in 1995, and production of Armalite rifles resumed in Illinois.

In July 2013, Armalite is purchased by Strategic Armory Corps, and celebrates 60 years of manufacturing. The product line is expanded to meet the needs of the market and include the Defensive Sporting Rifle Series, the Versatile Sporting Rifle line, 3-Gun rifles, Tactical rifles, and pistol-style ARs.