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Glock was an Australian engineer and his company manufactured curtain rods and knives for the Australian military. In 1980 he overheard that military officials were talking about their need for more modern and effective short firearms for soldiers. After that in a whole year he made projects and concepts for lightweight and durable easy to use pistol. After that he presented his Glock 17 to the Australian military and they accepted It for its larger ammunition capacity, durability and superior trigger control. In 1988 Glock decided to take his company to The USA.

During these years the U.S. police departments fighting the growing drug trade and were one of the largest audience of the Glock 17. Nowadays Glock supplies more than 50 pistols for a range of gun owners. Also GLOCK has designed 8 categories of buyers so you can easily navigate and see what is the exact model that you want.

The categories are from law enforcement, through military, enthusiast, sports shooting, personal defense, first time buyer, women, to hunting. Also there are popular choices for these categories such as G40 Gen4 and G20 Gen4 for hunting; G43, G41 Gen4 for law enforcements; Glock G17 Gen4 for military, also G43, G42, G20, G17 are good choice for enthusiasts; for women the best choices are G43, G42, G19 Gen4. GLOCK guarantee for the safety use of its pistols and the confidence when it is used.