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Backorder Policies

"Fair and Firm"
Backorders are firm. Full payment is due upon order placement

What is different about our payment policy and why.

MOST IMPORTANTLY — We allow members to order any gun or accessory with a retail price over $500 as a backorder. Few dealers allow backorders at all. The ones that do may call it a "Reserve Guns Program" or Pre-Sale Program. These programs often do not include Allocated guns. The reason is obvious. These guns are very limited in supply and they offer the dealer an opportunity for windfall profits. Our pricing policy and membership model makes every member a dealer.
Typical Competitor Programs
Every dealer may have a different policy about backorders.
The general policy adopted by the most of these popular online sellers usually incorporate the following rules:
  • Initial Payments are 20%*
  • Add 12% to the normal price
  • Setup fee $50
  • Price may change after 30 days (no restrictions)
  • Cancellations are permissible with total loss of deposit and setup fees.
*Restricted to certain models of guns

10 Dollar Gun Club
  • Pre-Paid 100%
  • Add $20 for Backorders
  • No Set Up Fees
  • Price is fixed until delivery
  • Absolutely no refunds**
**Position holders may sell their positions to gain a profit from placing an order early at a fixed price. GunBroker.com allows our members to auction their backorder positions and a member has already found success with the first posting within 24 hours. This member received their minimum bid within 24 hours about $200 higher than paid.

Note — Why we do what we do:
A 20% deposit tends to lure people into placing a backorder with less consideration to how long the wait may be. Historically, buyers may be given unfounded and overly hopeful delivery times which after a few months do not happen. Often these delivery times are given by some unknown person at the manufactures customer service center. (We never make predictions about future deliveries.) This then turns people sour on their order. Or buyers continually see their guns for sale on GunBroker and this can give them false hope that their gun will be coming soon as well. There are always some guns entering the marketplace but not generally at low low prices and not in any great quantity.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. How many guns our distributor sold last year or last month is not a good indicator of the next year or month. We believe that a backorder for an Allocated gun is as much of an investment as it is an order when you buy from our club. Where else can you earn $500 on a $900 investment in a few months or even 24 months? But you must be patient. Our backorders for Allocated guns are very similar to buying an investment bond. You invest with the concept of hanging on to it until it matures to a point that it reaps the returns you sought in the first place.