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Bushmaster Firearms International LLC

Is a leading maker of firearms. The company was founded in 1973 and its headquarter is in Madison, N.C. It manufactures aluminum and advanced carbon-fiber-based AR15 type rifles and accessories. It also manufactures interchangeable parts which allows users to assemble custom rifles without needing specialized gunsmith tools.

The company‚ôs firearms are used by law enforcement organizations and police departments in The USA and in private security and by the military of many countries worldwide.

Bushmaster Firearms sells gun care products, ACR accessories, lower receiver assemblies, lower receiver parts, upper receiver parts, upper receiver assemblies. It also sells barrels and barrel parts, muzzle brakes and flash suppressors, buttstocks and pistol grips, handguards, scopes, sights, slings and BI-pods, apparel, cases, gunsmithing tools, accessory systems, modular products etc.

The company offers competition, state-compliant, bullet button, law enforcement firearms, hunting and many more. The firearms are offered in 5.56 NATO chambering with forged aircraft-grade aluminum receivers.

Most of the Bushmaster barrels are 4150 steel which are offered in 1:9 twist rate and chrome ‚ď lined to increase durability.

One of the popular pistols and rifles too is Carbon 15. It is a lightweight AR15. It saves weight because is using polymer instead of the steel as a traditional or aluminum in the upper and lower receivers. There are many articles that describes Bushmaster as the biggest seller of combat-style weapons for civilian use.