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American Derringer Corporation

was founded by Robert A. Saunders in 1980. American Derringer expanded upon the concept of the old .41 Remington derringer by making their stainless steel derringers in over 60 calibers, and many different models, ranging from a .38 Special to a .357 caliber, to a .45-70 caliber, to a .22 Long Rifle or Magnum.

Elizabeth realizes that most women don't like, in their spare time, to deal with complexity. This is why American Derringer's single action and double action derringers are safe and very simple to use.

Elizabeth has a passion for her work and her firearms. She realizes there is definitely a "niche" for small, powerful, concealable weapons for defensive purposes, combined with artistic qualities for the "collector." She prefers her guns to go only to those customers who really care about what they own.

Under Elizabeth Saunders' leadership, American Derringer has introduced several new products, including" The Lady Derringer (single action and double action), Model 8 single action, LM 5 - .32 semi-automatic.

She is also responsible for getting several products out of the R&D mode and into production, including the "Derringer Standard" (which resembles that High Standard), and the much talked about "Semmerling LM 4.

Elizabeth is constantly looking for new ways to customize her products with the customer in mind, thereby adding value for the customer. The most recent example is American Derringer's announcement of the New Millenium Year 2000 Commemorative Derringer Series. This series, designed to mark the new century will be produced in limited runs of 3,000 of each model.