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Not familiar with this term? Let us explain.

Hard to get = Allocation
Some models are just hard to get. Actually really hard to get! In such cases, they get marked ALLOCATED by distributors.
Allocation is a term assigned by a distributor as a status of availability to dealers. Allocated guns offer most dealers an opportunity to gain abnormally high markups. We pass those markups/discounts on to our members. Guns that were once on allocation may shift status as market demand changes or availability improves.
Marking the availability status is usually used to influence additional sales for the distributor's sales reps or to reward a major stocking dealer.
Here is how Allocation works The Process
  1. Each distributor has many sales reps, and each sales rep has many dealer/clients.
  2. Assume a distributor receives 100 Ruger Precision Rifles, and that distributor has 20 sales reps. Each rep may be assigned 5 guns. Each rep can distribute those guns as desired. The most typical scenario is to Rolodex the biggest clients and offer them a gun. These guns never appear on a daily receiving list.
  3. Read more about backorders to learn how and why they differ from most of our competitor's deals.
  4. Nothing is promised with Allocated guns! We cannot and we do not promise when your Allocated gun will arrive.
  5. However, we can promise that your backorder will be fulfilled based upon your backorder position (first-come-first-served) like normal backorders, no matter the special status.
  6. As long as the manufacturers continue to produce these guns, your gun will be shipped according to your position. Unless you have friends in high places, finding an Allocated gun for $10 over wholesale is impossible unless you're a member of our club.