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Additional Fees
Handling/Shipping/Transfer Fees
  In keeping with our


  • Distributors charge us a $4.00 invoice fee for each order and $4.00 for bank transfer fees. We add these fees to the Product Cost.
  • Our shipper requires that all firearms be shipped with a requirement for signature. This signature cost adds $5.00 to your shipping costs and this cost is included in your Shipping costs.
  • Ruger and S&W handguns are subject to a $20 additional handling fee. This is due to manufacturers shipping policies.
  • When you compare our prices to other Online stores, it is only the final cost that will be comparable.
  • There is no such thing as FREE SHIPPING so don't be fooled.
  • Credit Card Processing fees on high dollar products is an additional cost to you as well. We show you what that cost is so you can decide if you wish to negate this cost by emailing us your payment.
  • There is no cost to you to send us your payment if you use your Online bank transfer via email option. We cannot accept payments from PopMoney as they do not allow payments for firearms or ammo.

Since we add $5 to all shipping costs to cover the signature costs added by the shipper for firearms, we discount your total order $5 for non-firearms when you add to your cart. Shipping Refund

All other fees, when applicable, are clearly stated on each product/invoice.
If you are new at purchasing firearms Online, you will need to be aware that the transfer agent will charge you a fee for processing your gun and doing the background check. These fees range from $10 to $85 depending upon your area. We will provide you with a transfer agent and tell you their fee after you register. This FFL will be your designated dealer for your account. If you wish to choose a different FFL, you will need to create a ticket and request that change.

All handguns must be shipped UPS 2nd Day Air.