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Backorder Policies


90 Day Backorder Option (Limited to specific products)
  • Price protection for 30 days
  • No cancellations for 90 days
  • Requires 20% deposit
  • Full refund of deposit if not fulfilled within 90 days
  • Limited to products with this option
  • Refunds do not include any fees associated with these orders.

Regular Unlimited Backorder Option (Limited to specific products)
  • Price protection until fulfilled
  • No cancellations
  • Pre-payment required
  • No refunds or exchanges
  • Limited to products with this option
  • Refunds only available if product and similar models are no longer being manufactured
  • Refunds do not include any fees associated with these orders.

Understanding Backorders

The term "Out of Stock" as it is fairly generic:

Temporarily out of stock (Use the 90 Day Option)

Warehouses set minimum and maximum stocking levels for each product. If stock levels reach minimums, new POs are issued to that manufacturer. Replacements sometimes do not arrive in time which creates a temporary OOS.
Low demand products
These products are stocked with very low minimums (1-10 units). Re-orders may not be made until some backorders have been received. Manufacturers may only make new products upon request and this can add delays as well. This is true for custom firearms, specialty combinations of parts and paint, or less popular calibers.
High demand products (Allocated - Use the Regular Backorder Option)
Everyone wants these guns and they are being manufactured in large quantities. But, when stocks deplete faster than projected, shortages occur. It can take longer periods of time to replenish stocks, as these guns are made in batches, and manufacturing schedules must be planned in advance for these production runs.
Allocated products:
Read About Allocation
Read our Terms and Conditions for Backorders
Note: Guns will always be in and out of stock. As dealers see their supply dwindling they raise their prices. We don't. Our backorder prices and In Stock prices are the same.
If you backorder from us, your price will not change 30 days later. Period. The End. NO REFUNDS. 
This is a firm purchase commitment. You may accept offers for your position if you wish to sell.


Frequently Asked Question #1: Hear anything on the .... I backordered?
Answer: Glad you asked!
The way our system works:
Your order stands with our distributor. They have your name, FFL info.
Upon receipt of these guns, all backorders are filled first in the order they were entered into their system.
Backorders without a user name and FFL (Stocking Orders) are filled last if any guns remain.
Assume that 100 guns are received at our distributor:
  1. 15 — BO’s to drop ship customers
  2. 50 — Stocking BO’s
  3. 45 — Guns would then appear on our Daily Inventory Report
  4. If 5 of those 15 BO’s are for 10dgc customers, 10dgc salesperson will first verify that the submitted FFLs are still valid. I will then be informed that these 5 guns are to be shipped.
  5. 10dgc will contact our buyers to make sure that their FFLs are still where they want the gun to ship to.
  6. 10dgc will release these guns for drop shipping.
Frequently Asked Question #2: How many of these guns have you shipped?
Answer: Members can Email us this request. You must include our SKU. Caution: Any answer we give you should not be used to predict future deliveries.

Frequently Asked Question #3: When do you charge my credit card, at time of delivery?
Answer: Credit cards can be used to pay for a backorder but only for 30 days as credit approvals by the credit card companies are only good for 30 days. If you order does not come in by then, your order will be cancelled and refunded less a 10% admin fee.

Frequently Asked Question #4: Can I send a money order?
Answer: You can but it is not necessary. A personal check is fine. We cannot release a product until the check is validated but you should have time for that to happen.

Frequently Asked Question #5: Can we get a full refund if the gun is no longer being manufactured?
Answer: Yes, this does not apply to model changes. If the new model costs more, then your added cost is based upon the cost difference at the time of taking possession.

Frequently Asked Question #6: If a new model becomes available while the old model is still available for sale, can I upgrade to the new model later?
Answer: No, if however you ordered before the new model was available, you can upgrade at anytime. However, if your original model becomes available we will ship that model.


10dgc does NOT make any predictions for future deliveries.

Seriously, 10dgc staff does not have any special insight to the manufacturer's production volumes/timing, their shipping to distributors or our distributors distribution policies (each distributor can be different).


  • If you can buy an Allocated gun at our price, then buy it. (Some of our customers purchase BO's as investments.)
  • "Notify Me" lists for any Allocated gun seldom result in a positive experience and highly doubtful it will be sold our our low normal price.
    (Temporary shortages or Non-Allocated guns usually result in immediate increases in price at the counter and Online.)
  • If money is not an object or you hate to wait so much you would pay that higher price, then watch GunBroker.com.
    Allocated guns that trickle into the marketplace, usually end up there on auction.
  • If you want a low price and don't have an immediate need then place a backorder here.
PS: Most Allocated guns are received in very small numbers. It is unlikely that their would ever make it to the Daily Inventory Report. If they do, then they are likely to be taken off of the Allocated status.